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Whaaaaaaaaat the fuck is wrong with me

I have no reason to be stressed but for some reason migraines keep “gracing” me.   Now my sweet love has been helping me significantly around the house, so I should be having less of these migraines since it is less for me to do thus less stress but GOD DAMN!!!! I hate these funks.  There is no reason behind them either.  Blah blog. 


moldy cheese stale crackers.


2 Weeks left!  2 Weeks until I can tell Calculus to take its derivatives and integrate them all the way up their assholes!  Yes, that is an immature statement but god damn it I feel 100% done with limits and derivatives and such!  

On brighter news…huh, I guess there is no brighter news at this moment…No bad news though so meh I’ll take it!  But no news is boring news so I’m outie. Just letting ya know I’m still alive.  

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Good Day SO FAR!!!!

I know it was not right but TOTALLY left Business Calc class early today!  Like half way through class.  I have so much to do at home that I just couldn’t stand being there.  DAMN HAPPY I DID TOO!  Because I left earlier I was able to: 

  1. Get what I needed for my Film Lit’s group Final project done
  2. clean the kitty boxes
  3. GET SOME!
  4. Get showered and ready for the day
  5. Do dishes
  6. Do laundry
  7. Walk the dog X2
  8. make myself lunch 

Yea so if I hadn’t skipped out on class early I probably would not have done at least 3 or 4 of those things.  

Now it seems there has been a cease in my activity…Blah I spent about 2 hours dicking around on this and facebook…Time to start again hope all is good for you, reader. 

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I decided to make and give this poster away for free. Do whatever you want with it, you just can’t sell it. Spread the word! Click the image or this link to download the hi-res poster version of this for free!


Jesus bloody god damn fart loving Christ!  I feel so weighed down by all the god damn homework and bullshit that is going on in life!!!  Those of you who know me, know that I am allergic to alcohol and am on no drugs what so ever;  however, for the past few months majority of the time I am awake I feel like the world is teeter tottering.  Now, I am not trying to metaphorical I LITERALLY mean that I have been feeling as though the ground I am walking on is moving and slanting up and down without warning-especially when I look around.  Hell I was taking a pee today sitting on the toilet at school and I started falling forwards! lol  I am having trouble seeing things correctly too like I try to focus but everything gets all melty…not blurry.  I am also finding that my eyes are rolling back in my head often.  Though, I am sure some of my friends would pay good money for something that would give them these effects but for me it is agitating since its so damn distracting.  Its not like I don’t get enough sleep either usually I average about 7.5-10 hours a night!  Worst of all if I am going crazy I don’t have the time to deal with that.  I have no time to suffer from insanity!  I hardly have time to even write this but fuck its been a while since I wrote! 

Also have been having suicidal thoughts…  Not the whole “I’m so sad wah wah wah lets get safety pins and run them across my wrists” suicidal thing most middle schoolers get, but more so just a overall sickness of hearing about all the shit that is going on in the world.  I think its extremely fucked up that the concept of shootings in the world has gotten to the point we’re it doesn’t even phase us to hear about someone being shot to death.  Or that many people don’t even care that we do not know where all the nuclear weapons are from the Cold War.  HOW THE FUCK DID WE GET SO CALLOUSED?!  Daily I hear people putting up their own barriers to others for rediculus reasons  ”I don’t like them because they’re white” “I don’t like them because they’re black”  ”I don’t like them because they’re poor”  ”I don’t like them because they look weird” “I don’t like them because they don’t worship God” EVERYONE GET YOUR FUCKING HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES!!!  PEOPLE ARE FUCKING PEOPLE!  WE ARE ALL ONE OF THE FUCKING SAME!!!!!!!  HAVE THE FUCKING COMMON COURTESY TO TREAT THOSE WHO HAVE DIFFERENT WAYS OF LIFE AS YOU WOULD YOUR FAMILY.  Yea, maybe you might not agree with them or their ways but they are essentially made of the same thing as you- organs and god damn emotions!  Treat them as you want to be treated and step away from the situation and try to see other people’s views.  OBJECTIVISM IS NEVER THE ANSWER IN REALITY!  Now my grammar might not be correct throughout this blog but in this case Wisdom must be held with a higher regard than intelligence.  

fuck time for accounting.  


Ahhhh!!!!! God damn this day is taking forever! Not because it’s valentines day or anything (I’m happy I have someone to share this bs holidays with) its more so being stuck in the halls of COD. Dreadful really. Especially since my next class is only 90 minutes. I feel like I’m annoying the people sitting around me too. First because I was chomping on an apple. Anyone else get that awkward feeling when stuck eating something with a loud crunch in a mostly silent place? I hate that because you try your damnedest to make it quite but it doesn’t work and you put so much effort to prevent bothering some dick wad who you never met and wont meet again only to realize even your quite munches echo through the hall. Oh well tits to them I guess. Second, I called my mom and then Justin…both of which could have been prevented but damn I was bored…holy hell I’m rambling. Ok time to kill this before it does any more damage. -emma

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Permalink Hahaha!  I love these little things!  Even better I like making captions on them of what I think they are thinking.  Tarsiers are mystical beast of beauty and bewilderment! 

A whole new blah!

Brand new to the Tumblr Scene.  Hopefully it is a cool one!  So far my only friend is the staff and the only interaction I have seen is a tumblr robot asking me a question… talk about social media…  ANYWAYS! I’m not too sure if I will actually specialize in anything for this blog.  It might be a meshed up net of stuff in my life that I find interesting along with many pictures of tarsiers (because they are awesome). 

I guess as far as an about me section here goes it:

I am Emma Wamsley-a 22 year old business student in the Chicago suburbs who is a vocalist for the death metal band Eviscretorium.  I love to cook, craft (mostly making bodies for our shows), and hear real world work place stories.  Human rights are a big thing to me.  However I do feel that anyone willing to diddle a kid should be castrated against their will without anesthesia.  I have been dating the love of my life now, Justin since Feb. 3, 2004 with out any break ups or anything.  We have an awesome dog named Loki.  I miss seeing my friends but I’ve been dedicating the past half year to school work and becoming healthier (if you want to see that progress search for me on SparkPeople.com my user’s name is emmawamsley).  I’m sure you’ll have more reasons to love or hate me with time as I use this blog as a journal 

Ok!  Well off to teach myself how to be a tumblr!


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